Mark Kelly is a seasoned consultants internationally, specialising in business strategy,
performance management, data and AI strategy, technology trends, and digital transformation.

With a wealth of experience, Kelly has consulted for numerous renowned entities across industries and government sectors.
His clientele includes esteemed organisations such as the Amazon, ESW, Meta, Dublin City Council and many others.

A Selection of Mark's Consulting Services:

Strategy and Goal Development

Mark specialises in guiding organisations through the vital process of identifying their aspirations and key outcomes. He facilitates the creation of a streamlined, one-page strategic blueprint—referred to as the “Strategic Alignment Map”—designed to unify team efforts towards common goals.

This dynamic process involves Mark engaging with individuals across all levels of the organisation to gather insights on ambitions, challenges, strengths, and potential areas for improvement. Leveraging this comprehensive internal audit, the leadership team then crafts a concise yet potent plan. This strategy, enriched with widespread input, ensures collective agreement and alignment from the outset, setting the stage for cohesive action and shared success.

Business Performance Management

Effective performance management is crucial for translating strategic visions into reality. Mark, a renowned author of four seminal books on AI in the realm of business and financial services, brings both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to the table.

He collaborates with companies to devise meaningful, relevant performance indicators and metrics, tailored to their unique context. This enables organisations to meticulously monitor progress, evaluate efficiency, and steadfastly advance towards their strategic objectives. Mark’s approach not only illuminates the path to achieving set goals but also embeds a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within the organisational fabric.