AI for Executives

Commence Your Strategic Journey into AI Today!

Begin your organization’s strategic journey into AI today! Join the AI for Executives online course– a gateway to understanding the application of AI in the business world. The courses aim is to enhance AI comprehension and equip decision-makers with fundamental knowledge to strategically engage with AI, leading their organizations towards embracing AI in the upcoming years.

The Need for AI Understanding in Irish Organizations

Artificial Intelligence possesses the capability to radically transform our business models and public services. However, for Irish organizations to fully exploit its gamechanging potential, it’s imperative that decision-makers possess a sound understanding of AI’s capabilities. Engaging with AI is an unavoidable strategic step requiring steadfast commitment from leadership for many organizations.

Lack of AI Understanding: A Potential Setback for Irish Industry

Unfortunately, recent research from June 2023 indicates that many Irish leaders currently lack the essential understanding, skills, and confidence to make informed strategic decisions about AI. This shortcoming often turns leaders into hurdles in the adoption of new technologies within their organizations, a situation that could seriously jeopardize the competitiveness and future prosperity of the Irish industry.

Adopting AI: An Inevitable Step to Boost Competitiveness

In today’s environment, leaders need the knowledge and skills to boost competitiveness and drive industrial transformation – with AI at the heart of their organization’s journey. A passive wait-and-hope approach is not a sustainable strategy.

The Courses Approach: Educating Leaders, Not Coders

The program is tailored to senior managers who may be technologically inexperienced. However, it’s important to underscore that the goal isn’t to instruct managers in coding or programming. Instead, participants will gain knowledge, insights from experts, and practical methods to initiate AI transformation or implementation in their respective organizations and industries.

Personal AI Journey and the Inspiration behind AI Ireland
The AI Landscape: A Brief Overview
The Importance of AI in Today’s Business World
Purpose and Structure of the Course

  • What is AI?
  • What is Explainable AI?
  • The Role of AI in different Industries
  • The Importance of Data literacy
  • Identifying AI Opportunities in your Bussines
  • When to Seek External AI Expertise
  • Establishing robust AI governance Structures
  • Upfront Cost of AI
  • Emerging AI trends and technologies