Vlerick Business School

Topic: : AI Workshop for MBA Students
Date: October 2023


Mark Kelly AI Speaker and Presenter organised a transformative AI workshop in Dublin.  This workshop, held on the 19th of October 2023, featured Mark Kelly, the CEO of AI Ireland, as the keynote speaker. The event aimed to empower MBA students from Vleck Belgium, with valuable insights into how business executives can strategically introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into their organisations.

The workshop encouraged active participation, fostering engaging discussions among students and the speaker.



The Chartered Institute of Ireland hosted an AI and Blockchain presentation. Mark Kelly was one of the two guest speakers and presenters at the event. Designed for an audience of finance professionals, the AI Presentation aimed to educate attendees with varying levels of AI expertise.



Mark Kelly delivered a comprehensive AI overview, simplifying intricate concepts and making them understandable for MBA students. The workshop also incorporated practical insights with real-world case studies, providing participants with a clear understanding of AI’s practical applications. Furthermore, a dedicated session on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development empowered students to work on AI project concepts and create prototypes. Throughout the workshop, Mark Kelly provided expert guidance, drawing from his extensive experience and expertise in AI, offering valuable insights into the nuances of AI implementation.


During the AI Presentation, Speaker Mark Kelly addressed several critical aspects of AI in the financial sector. Firstly, he delved into the realm of Risk Analysis, explaining how AI has the capacity to predict and mitigate financial risks. To illustrate this, he shared real-world examples that showcased the practical applications of AI in this domain. Mark also explored the potential of AI-powered chatbots in Customer Service, emphasizing their role in enhancing customer experiences within the financial sector. Fraud Detection was another key topic, with Mark underscoring the crucial role AI plays in identifying fraudulent activities. He provided insights into AI’s capabilities through compelling demonstrations during the presentation. Additionally, the AI Presentation discussed the power of AI in generating Data Insights. Mark shed light on how AI can analyze vast datasets to extract actionable insights, ultimately facilitating more informed financial decision-making processes.

“I had the privilege of attending the AI workshop led by Mark Kelly, and it was nothing short of enlightening. As an MBA student, I was initially apprehensive about diving into the world of AI, but Mark’s presentation made the complex concepts seem accessible and relevant. The workshop’s focus on practical applications and the hands-on MVP development session were invaluable. I left the workshop with a newfound confidence in understanding and harnessing AI’s potential in the business world. Mark Kelly’s expertise and engaging teaching style truly made this workshop a game-changer for me.”

MBA Student, Vleck University

“The AI workshop organised by AI Ireland was an eye-opener. Mark Kelly’s depth of knowledge and his ability to convey complex AI concepts in a clear and engaging manner left a lasting impression on me. What I appreciated most was the practical approach taken throughout the workshop. Learning about real-world AI implementations and getting the chance to work on an MVP project was a unique experience. I can confidently say that this workshop has equipped me with the tools and insights needed to consider AI as a strategic advantage in my future career. It was an invaluable learning opportunity.”

MBA Candidate, Vleck Business School


Feedback from MBA students who attended the AI workshop was overwhelmingly positive:

Many participants expressed that the workshop demystified AI and gave them a clear roadmap for incorporating AI in their careers. The MVP development session was particularly appreciated, as it allowed students to apply what they had learned in a practical manner. Mark Kelly’s expertise and engaging presentation style received accolades from attendees. In conclusion, the AI workshop for MBA students, organised by AI Ireland and led by Mark Kelly, not only met its goals but exceeded expectations. It equipped future business leaders with the knowledge  and confidence to embrace AI as a transformative force in the business world.