Keynote Speaking with Mark: AI Thought Leader and Visionary

Mark, celebrated AI author and the driving force behind AI Ireland, is renowned for his consultancy work with a diverse array of organisations including multinational corporations, government bodies, Fortune 100 companies, STEM initiatives, tech startups, and academic institutions. His expertise in artificial intelligence has taken him around the world, captivating audiences from intimate gatherings to grand conferences of up to 5,000 participants.

Beyond his consulting prowess, Mark is a respected voice in the media landscape, offering his insights on AI developments and trends to outlets such as RTE, Newstalk, The Sunday Times, and The Irish Times, to name a few.

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Speaking Topics

AI Unveiled: Navigating Hype, Reality, and the Future of Leadership

Through a comprehensive analysis of the global AI landscape, Mark, the Founder of AI Ireland, guides you to become an AI-informed leader. Embarking on an exploration of AI’s impacts across three distinct tiers, he first offers a macroscopic perspective, delineating the current status of the technology, distinguishing between the hype and the reality, and assessing its consequences for entire industries. Subsequently, he narrows the focus to the organisational level, examining the disruption faced by specific entities and the influence of the legal and regulatory framework. In the final stage, he shifts attention to the individual level, advising on the necessary upskilling for individuals to prosper in an AI-integrated world.

Generative AI: Transforming Industries, Businesses, and Workforces

Step into The Era of Dynamic Innovation, a transformative period marked by the advent of cutting-edge generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Llama. This pivotal moment heralds unprecedented opportunities for your industry, reshaping your business and redefining the future of your workforce. Our goal is to fuel your team’s enthusiasm for what lies ahead, dispelling any uncertainties by arming them with practical, actionable knowledge. We’re here to enlighten your leaders on navigating the evolving landscape through effective risk management and ethical adoption strategies. With Mark’s captivating storytelling and invaluable insights, your team will not only be engaged but also empowered to embrace the wave of change, ensuring your organisation stands at the forefront of innovation.

AI Revolution in Every Sector

Mark, the AI Author, tailors discussions to your industry’s unique needs, equipping teams with actionable insights for instant productivity boosts, innovation in R&D, and effective risk mitigation. Focusing on generative AI applications across diverse fields such as high tech, professional services, finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, law, education, media, and public safety, he leverages storytelling and data to illuminate both the opportunities and challenges these technologies introduce to each sector.

Revitalising Enterprises with AI: A Pathway to Innovation for Startups and Established Firms

Mark, AI Author and Founder of AI Ireland, delivers a powerful argument for utilising AI to overcome your most challenging business hurdles. Whether you’re at the helm of an agile, well-capitalised startup or steering an established company in need of revitalisation, AI presents unparalleled opportunities for inventive solutions and business rejuvenation. Mark encourages a shift away from dystopian narratives, advocating instead for a focus on practical, value-centric AI applications. Drawing on AI Ireland’s research into corporate AI initiatives, he highlights the critical need for timely AI adoption to achieve substantial business outcomes. The moment for decisive action and capturing market share is now!

The AI-Enhanced Newsroom: A New Chapter for Journalism

Journalism is being transformed by AI, with Mark identifying it as a crucial ally rather than a threat. He outlines AI’s role in bolstering ethical journalism, enhancing fact-check accuracy, and revealing biases, thus underlining its necessity for journalistic integrity.

Mark also examines new revenue models and job roles emerging in AI-driven newsrooms, highlighting their importance for the sector’s revival. He offers practical steps for integrating AI into news operations, boosting quality and efficiency.

Mark’s analysis makes clear: for journalism to advance, embracing AI is essential. This integration is not just beneficial but vital for the industry’s evolution, ensuring a dynamic future for journalism.

Key Learnings from 600 AI Interviews: Mark’s Guide to Thriving in AI

In this compelling presentation, Mark, a leading AI author and founder of AI Ireland, shares invaluable insights gleaned from his deep dive into the AI sector since 2018, including 600 interviews with AI pioneers at global giants such as Amazon, NASA, Microsoft, and Zalando. His journey uncovers the critical strategies and mindsets behind driving innovation and avoiding obsolescence in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Mark’s distilled wisdom aims to arm you with the knowledge and foresight to leverage AI for disruption, rather than falling victim to it. This session is essential for anyone keen to grasp the pulse of AI innovation, learn from the experiences of those at its helm, and chart a course for success in the tech-driven future. Join Mark for a roadmap to navigating the transformative world of AI with confidence.