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Hi - I’m Mark Kelly

I’m passionate about helping business leaders understand and implement AI to transform their organizations and stay ahead in the AI revolution.

To achieve this, I’ve authored “AI Unleashed: Navigating the AI Revolution as a Business Executive.”

As the President of AI Ireland, I lead AI innovation, offering strategic guidance to organizations looking to harness AI’s potential. My extensive experience has made me a trusted advisor for executives navigating the AI landscape.

I also spearhead the AI Awards, celebrating excellence in AI across Ireland. Additionally, I serve as Chief Commercial Officer at a leading international AI staffing firm, connecting top AI talent with organizations in need.

I host one of the Top 5 AI podcasts, featuring over 600 interviews with industry leaders from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and NASA.

To learn more about me, you can find my full bio here.

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AI Unleashed

AI Host Mark Kelly's first Book
AI Host Mark Kelly's first Book
In the rapidly evolving landscape of contemporary business, staying ahead of the curve is not merely optional—it’s essential. To excel in this AI-centric world, a superficial understanding of AI won’t suffice; what you require is expert guidance.

Mark Kelly, a distinguished business leader and authority on Artificial Intelligence, presents ‘AI Unleashed,’ your quintessential guide to navigating the AI revolution. 

Thought leader

Mark, Founder of AI Ireland and the AI Awards, is a prominent influencer in AI and Automation.
He leverages his extensive reach to help brands like Microsoft and AWS amplify their message.

40.000+  followers on LinkedIn

150.000+ Podcast downloads