Mark Kelly

-Advisor To Business Leaders

-Author of AI Unleashed 

-Founder of AI Ireland

Mark's Professional Journey

Mark has conducted interviews with more than 600 AI leaders across Europe and North America, gaining deep insights into the transformative power of AI in boosting productivity and redefining customer experiences. His consultancy work has equipped him with a distinctive perspective on what’s achievable, guiding businesses through challenging landscapes by leveraging technology for scalability and resilience. This unique vantage point enables Mark to explore and showcase how companies can not only survive but flourish, by embracing technological innovations.

Mark's Distinguished Accomplishments

Since entering the technology sector in 2008, Mark has made significant strides, currently serving as Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder of a pioneering AI Staffing firm. He’s also the visionary behind AI Ireland, an initiative dedicated to facilitating AI adoption and maximising its advantages for businesses. Mark’s contributions have garnered attention from leading media outlets, including RTE, Newstalk, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, and the Irish Independent. His consultancy extends across the spectrum, from multinational corporations and cutting-edge startups to local government, demonstrating his broad impact and expertise in leveraging technology for diverse organisational needs.

International Keynote speaker, host and moderator.

AI Awards Highlights

Recent keynotes

Mark travels across Europe and America and he interview the most innovative Technology Leaders. For 15 years he worked within the technology sector and he written and spoken extensively on the topic internationally.

Recent Podcast Interviews

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In 2018 we got involved with Mark Kelly and A.I in Action after getting to know Mark through his excellent A.I in Action podcast. Mark ran the A.I in Action talk stream at Predict. He also gave an excellent talk where he shared key insights from interviewing over 50 leaders (researchers, executives, founders) from the world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science in Ireland.


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