Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is the Founder of AI Ireland and the AI Awards. He is also the Co-Founder and Executive Search Consultant of an international AI Staffing Firm. Mark has interviewed over 450 leaders in AI and Machine Learning sharing those insights via his Podcast’s and Talks.

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To date he has interviewed over 450 leaders in the world of AI across Europe and North America. In particular, he focused on ‘How AI can be leveraged for good’ and he developed a unique understanding of the art of the possible and how businesses can survive and thrive in these difficult times by utilising technology to scale.  


In past roles, he was a Director for a leading, international Technology and Life Science Staffing Company. He won several international awards, including winning from 27,000 entrants the No 1 Recruiter Award at the 2012 Recruiter Awards. He is also the founder of AI Ireland , a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting AI research, development, application and investment in Ireland.

Mark loves speaking, moderating and organising AI Events, too!

AI Awards Highlights

Recent keynotes

Mark travels across Europe and America and he interview the most innovative Technology Leaders. For 15 years he worked within the technology sector and he written and spoken extensively on the topic internationally.

Recent Podcast Interviews

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In 2018 we got involved with Mark Kelly and A.I in Action after getting to know Mark through his excellent A.I in Action podcast. Mark ran the A.I in Action talk stream at Predict. He also gave an excellent talk where he shared key insights from interviewing over 50 leaders (researchers, executives, founders) from the world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science in Ireland.


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