AI and Cybersecurity: Shaping the Future of Business – A presentation with Neumann University

By Mark Kelly

Neumann University

“AI and Cybersecurity: Shaping the Future of Business – A presentation at Neumann University”

Last week I was privileged to engage with the astute students of Neumann University’s School of Business, focusing on those specialising in Cybersecurity.

My presentation delved into the profound impacts AI and Cyber Security are carving within the business landscape, highlighting not only their current applications but also the transformative potential they hold for the future.

The session commenced with an overview of the AI Timeline, charting the ascent of artificial intelligence from its embryonic stages to the pivotal role it presently undertakes in both our daily existences and the mechanisms of business. This historical backdrop paved the way for a nuanced discussion on the symbiotic relationship between AI and cybersecurity, illustrating how these fields are not merely parallel evolutions but are becoming increasingly interlinked, propelling each other towards new frontiers of innovation.

The enthusiasm displayed by the students was nothing short of inspiring, reflecting the eagerness and curiosity emblematic of the forthcoming generation of cybersecurity experts.

The volume and variety of their questions post-presentation were as enlightening for me as I endeavoured to make my responses for them, effectively doubling the session’s duration.

This vibrant exchange of ideas reinforced my conviction in the essential role that academic-industry partnerships play in cultivating the talent and insight needed to navigate and sculpt the technological landscape of tomorrow.

In an expression of gratitude and to further inspire their exploration into the realm of AI, I had the pleasure of signing copies of my book, “AI Unleashed,” for each participant.

This publication endeavours to encompass not just the technical advancements in artificial intelligence but also the philosophical and ethical considerations that accompany this journey, aiming to offer a comprehensive perspective on AI’s role in our society.

The event was magnificently hosted by the Guinness Enterprise Centre, a linchpin for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. I extend my sincere appreciation to them for facilitating such a rewarding interaction. Moreover, congratulations to the International Study Programs for their vision and commitment to creating experiences that are not merely educational but genuinely transformative for students. Such initiatives are paramount in closing the gap between academic theory and practical application, ensuring that the emerging cohort of professionals is thoroughly equipped to employ AI in advancing cybersecurity and beyond.

Praise and feedback

Cybersecurity Student

“Mark Kelly’s presentation on AI and Cybersecurity was transformative, blending historical context with future possibilities in technology.

His enthusiasm and the depth of his insights inspired me to delve deeper into the field.”

Business and Cybersecurity Student**

“Attending Mark Kelly’s presentation was a pivotal moment for me, reshaping my understanding of AI’s role in cybersecurity.

His engaging approach and the insightful dialogue that followed made it clear that we’re on the cusp of significant technological advancements.

The signed book I received is a cherished reminder of the impact I aspire to make in the industry.”

Cybersecurity Professional

“Mark Kelly’s session at Neumann University was a major academic highlight, offering a comprehensive view of AI’s integration with cybersecurity.

His passion made the presentation exceptionally engaging, and the Q&A session highlighted his depth of knowledge.

Receiving ‘AI Unleashed’ was an added bonus, fuelling my passion for a future in cybersecurity.”