Case Study: Mark Kelly AI at the IHF Shaping Brighter Futures Annual Conference 2024

By Mark Kelly








Case Study: Mark Kelly at the IHF Shaping Brighter Futures Annual Conference 2024

Event: IHF Shaping Brighter Futures Annual Conference 2024
Date: 29th May 2024
Speaker: Mark Kelly
Topic: The Potential for AI in the Hospitality Industry


Mark Kelly was delighted to speak at the prestigious IHF Shaping Brighter Futures Annual Conference 2024, held on the 29th of May. His insightful presentation focused on the transformative potential of AI within the hospitality industry.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Shifting Customer Expectations:
– Mark highlighted how customer expectations have evolved towards a more digital and personalised experience.
– Emphasised the importance of adapting to these changes to stay competitive.

2. AI Applications in Hospitality:
– Robot Concierges: How robots are being utilised to enhance customer service and streamline operations.
– Dynamic Pricing: The role of AI in optimising pricing strategies to maximise revenue and occupancy rates.
– AI-Controlled Rooms: Innovations in smart room technology to provide guests with customised and convenient experiences.
– Customised Experiences: Leveraging AI to tailor services and amenities to individual guest preferences.

3. People as the Most Important Asset:
– Mark stressed that people are the most important asset in the hospitality industry.
– He explained how AI can increase productivity and help create truly memorable experiences for guests.

4. Hiring the Best Talent:
– Mark discussed the significance of being an innovative employer to attract top graduates.
– He illustrated how a forward-thinking approach and integration of AI can make the hospitality sector more appealing to new talent.






Audience Feedback:

Deirdre Fitzsimons, Director of People Services at the Irish Hotels Federation, shared glowing feedback from attendees:
– “People were delighted with Mark’s presentation at the conference.”
– Described the presentation as “blown away”, “fast, interesting” and praised its overall impact with “all good, so well done and thank you!”


Mark Kelly’s presentation at the IHF Conference underscored the critical role of AI in reshaping the future of the hospitality industry. His insights into digital personalisation, innovative AI applications, and talent acquisition strategies left a lasting impression on the audience. He reinforced the idea that while people are the most important asset, AI can significantly boost productivity and enhance the overall guest experience.

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