Case Study: Mark Kelly’s Keynote at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Event

By Mark Kelly


Case Study: Mark Kelly’s Keynote at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Event





Mark Kelly, a pre-eminent figure in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community, delivered a compelling keynote at the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) alumni event held at the InterContinental Dublin in April. This annual Spring Energiser gathers a vibrant community of over 600 entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, and gain insights from world-class leaders. The session, titled “The Emergence of AI – Learnings, Risks, and Opportunities for Business,” featured Mark alongside AI expert Aarthi and other specialists, focusing on the strategic importance of AI in business today.

Overview of the EY EOY Alumni Event

The EY EOY programme, celebrating its 27th year, has been instrumental in driving and lauding entrepreneurship across Ireland. The alumni community, consisting of leaders from diverse sectors, employs over 250,000 individuals globally. The annual Spring Energiser is a crucial event that facilitates the sharing of innovative ideas and practices among top entrepreneurs and leaders.

The Keynote Session: The Emergence of AI

Mark Kelly, joined by AI expert Aarthi and other specialists, conducted a 45-minute discussion exploring the multifaceted impact of AI on business. The session delved into the latest learnings from AI deployments, highlighted the inherent risks, and discussed the burgeoning opportunities AI presents for modern businesses.


Mark Kelly’s Contributions and Insights

As the author of “AI Unleashed” and “AI Essentials,” and a recognised TEDx speaker, Mark brought a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. His experience, derived from analysing over 500 AI applications and engaging with more than 600 AI leaders, provided a rich backdrop to the session. Mark’s approach to AI in business is deeply informed by his extensive interviews and firsthand experiences with AI implementation across various industries.

Learnings from AI

Mark emphasised the transformative potential of AI in streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving innovation. He shared case studies and examples where AI has successfully augmented decision-making processes and operational efficiency in businesses.

Risks Associated with AI

Addressing the risks, Mark highlighted the challenges of data privacy, ethical AI use, and the potential for workforce displacement. He stressed the importance of establishing robust frameworks for AI governance to mitigate these risks.

Opportunities for Business

The discussion also explored the opportunities AI creates, such as opening new markets, personalising customer interactions, and fostering new business models. Mark encouraged the audience to consider AI as a pivotal element in their strategic planning, urging them to embrace AI to maintain competitive advantages in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Mark Kelly’s keynote at the EY EOY alumni event was not only informative but also inspirational, providing actionable insights into AI’s role in business today. His expertise and clear communication helped demystify AI, making it accessible and relevant to the entrepreneurs in attendance. The session effectively underscored the critical importance of integrating AI into business strategies to harness its full potential while navigating its complexities responsibly.


Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees expressing a newfound understanding of AI’s strategic importance.

Mark’s ability to articulate complex concepts in AI and relate them to real-world business scenarios was particularly appreciated.

Participants left the session equipped with practical knowledge and motivated to explore how AI can be implemented within their own operations.



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