Case Study: Mark Kelly’s Moderation at the National Healthcare Outcomes Conference AI

By Mark Kelly






Mark Kelly, an esteemed AI Ireland founder, recently hosted and moderated the National Healthcare Outcomes Conference at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Organised by the Healthcare Outcomes Research Centre (HORC) at the RCSI School of Population Health, this annual event serves as a pivotal forum for exploring the
integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. This case study highlights the conference’s comprehensive agenda, key discussions,
and Mark’s instrumental role in guiding these critical conversations about the future of healthcare technology.

Overview of the National Healthcare Outcomes Conference

Supported by Novartis Ireland and chaired by Mark Kelly, the conference featured three enlightening sessions
that collectively addressed the potentials, challenges, and practical applications of AI in healthcare.

Session One: AI in Healthcare – The Basics

This session opened with a detailed exploration of “AI in Healthcare – The Basics”. Dr. Robert Ross from TU Dublin discussed
the potentials and pitfalls of AI in healthcare, providing a balanced perspective on the technology’s impact. Consultant radiologist
Dr. John Sheehan delved into the future possibilities of AI in healthcare settings.
Concluding the session, patient advocate Nuala Sheehan articulated the concerns and questions of patients regarding AI,
underscoring the need for patient-centred approaches in AI development.


Session Two: AI for Healthcare Professionals and Systems

Professor Mark Sujan from the University of York initiated the second session with a focus on “Human-Centred Healthcare AI,”
highlighting the importance of keeping human needs at the forefront of healthcare AI innovations. Following him,
Professor Neil O’Hare, Chief Information Officer of Children’s Health Ireland, outlined his strategic plans for AI integration at the new Children’s Hospital.
A rapid presentation segment led into a fireside chat hosted by Mark Kelly with Dr. Prathibha Varkey, President of Mayo Clinic Health System, discussing groundbreaking AI applications in healthcare.


Session Three: The Future’s So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades

The final session provided forward-looking insights into AI’s role in population health and clinical research.
Dr. Mary Coghlan from EY Ireland discussed “AI and Population Health: What Might the Future Hold?”, followed by Gerard Quinn of Icon PLC,
who explored machine learning’s deployment in clinical research. Conrad Bernath, Head of Speech and Machine Learning at T-Pro, examined how
AI is revolutionizing patient care. The conference concluded with a robust panel discussion, encapsulating the day’s diverse perspectives on AI.

Mark Kelly’s Impact as Moderator

Throughout the conference, Mark Kelly exemplified expert moderation, adeptly facilitating discussions that spanned technical details and strategic visions for AI in healthcare.
His ability to engage speakers and attendees alike ensured that the conference not only addressed current AI applications
but also embraced the ethical considerations and patient perspectives that are crucial for the technology’s future in healthcare.


Professor Jan Sorensen, Director, Healthcare Outcomes Research Centre, RCSI:
“Mark Kelly played an important role in the success of our 2024 conference, ‘Improving Health Outcomes Through AI,’ serving both as a moderator
and a member of the organising committee. His profound knowledge of the AI landscape in Ireland was crucial in shaping the conference’s themes and selecting our speakers.
Mark’s expertise and calm, friendly demeanor enabled him to effectively engage with speakers and moderate the panel discussions, enriching the event
and helping participants gain a deeper understanding of AI’s applications in healthcare.”


Bridget Cunningham, Value & Access Head a.i., Novartis Ireland:
“I worked with Mark on the recent RCSI National Health Outcomes conference.
Once the theme was decided, we knew we needed an expert in the area to moderate the day to ensure its success.
Mark was the unanimous choice of the organising committee, and he graciously accepted the role.
He went above and beyond, masterfully moderating the programme and contributing extensively in the planning stages,
suggesting the best speakers and structuring the flow of the day. Thanks to Mark’s stewardship, the conference received incredibly positive feedback,
making it likely the best since its inception over 6 years ago.”


The National Healthcare Outcomes Conference, under the adept leadership of Mark Kelly, successfully highlighted the transformative potential of AI in healthcare.
By bringing together leading experts and voices from diverse healthcare sectors, the event echoed the Healthcare
Outcomes Research Centre’s commitment to improving patient outcomes through evidence-based research and policy.
Mark Kelly’s role was pivotal in making this event a beacon for future-oriented discussion and innovation in healthcare AI.

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