Mark Kelly AI: Transforming Organisations – Insights from INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board

By Mark Kelly

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Mark Kelly AI: Transforming Organisations – Insights from INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board

On Wednesday, 4th of July, Mark Kelly, AI consultant and thought leader, had the privilege of addressing the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board on a topic that’s reshaping our industry: the transformative impact of AI on organisations.

Here are some key takeaways that could benefit leaders across sectors:

1. The Upskilling Imperative in AI Adoption
As AI integration accelerates, a crucial question emerged: How do we prepare our workforce? At Mark Kelly AI, we believe the solution might be closer than we think. Employees’ everyday tech interactions—booking rides on Uber, streaming on Netflix, shopping on Zalando—are unconsciously preparing them for AI-enhanced workplaces. This digital fluency could be the bridge to smoother AI adoption.

2. Quantifiable AI-Driven Gains: Mark Kelly AI Insights
Numbers speak volumes. I highlighted a recent HubSpot June survey revealing AI-using marketers save an impressive 2.5 hours daily. This efficiency gain is critical, especially considering Gartner’s CMO May 24 report of marketing budgets shrinking from 11% to 8%. The mandate is clear: leverage AI to do more with less.

3. The Rise of Digital Humans: Mark Kelly AI Perspective
One of the most intriguing developments we explored was the emergence of Digital Humans in customer service and healthcare. This isn’t just about automation; it’s about reimagining roles and organisational structures. The potential for enhanced 24/7 customer support and personalised healthcare assistance is immense.

4. Navigating the Personalisation-Privacy Tightrope with AI
A key point of discussion was the growing demand for personalised experiences juxtaposed against rising privacy concerns. We dissected recent backlashes against tech giants over data policies, underlining the delicate balance organisations must strike. The consensus? Transparency and user control are paramount.

5. Leadership in the AI Era: Mark Kelly AI’s Call to Action
Perhaps the most crucial takeaway was this: AI adoption isn’t just a technical challenge—it’s a leadership imperative. Each leader in that room recognised their unique opportunity to reshape their organisation, leveraging AI not just for productivity, but to create more meaningful work and enhance customer value.

The energy in the room was palpable as we delved into these topics. It’s clear that AI isn’t just changing how we work—it’s redefining what’s possible for our organisations and industries at large.

As Mark Kelly, AI consultant, I’m keen to extend this conversation beyond the boardroom.

How is your organisation navigating the AI revolution?

What unexpected challenges or opportunities have you encountered?

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About Mark Kelly AI: Mark Kelly is a leading AI consultant helping organisations navigate the complexities of AI integration and digital transformation.

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Mark Kelly AI expert shares key insights on AI’s organisational impact from the INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board meeting. Learn about upskilling, AI-driven gains, digital humans, and leadership in the AI era.