Mid-Year Reflections: Key Messages in AI By Mark Kelly

By Mark Kelly


Mid-Year Reflections: Key Messages in AI

It’s a privilege to discuss the latest advancements in AI and its future trajectory. As the co-founder of a leading AI staffing firm since 2018, I have the unique opportunity to engage with top AI leaders and observe firsthand how AI is enhancing both employee and customer experiences. This perspective allows me to distinguish between the hype and the reality of AI’s impact.

By analysing the AI Awards annually (over 500 since 2018), I gain insights into what is being applied locally versus what remains in research, offering a broad perspective. As we reach the halfway point of the year, here are my PERSONAL thoughts on where we are headed:

1. The Rise of AI Agents: AI Agents are emerging as a transformative force, capable of autonomously performing complex tasks and making decisions. They offer unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness, continuously learning and adapting, making them invaluable assets for forward-thinking organisations.

2. The Shift to Small Language Models: The AI field is transitioning from large, resource-intensive models to more efficient Small Language Models (SLMs). These models offer significant advantages, including faster training times, reduced computational costs, and lower environmental impact.

3. AI in Practical Applications: AI’s potential to transform industries is no longer theoretical. From finance and HR to SMEs, practical AI applications are delivering tangible benefits. Real-world use cases demonstrate AI’s ability to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and drive growth.

4. Empowering SMEs through AI Training: SMEs are the backbone of the economy, and their ability to leverage AI is crucial for broader economic growth. AI training programmes will increase and the focus will go to reskilling the SME workforce, ensuring they can harness AI’s potential and integrate it into their operations, fostering innovation and competitiveness.

5 .The Future of AI – What’s Next: The AI landscape is rapidly evolving, with emerging trends and technologies on the horizon. Ethical AI, transparency, and regulatory compliance are becoming increasingly important. The newly formed EU AI Act sets the framework for responsible AI development. Future advancements will focus on integrating ethical considerations, enhancing AI’s trustworthiness, and ensuring it serves society’s best interests.

The transformative power of AI, is real and I advise everyone to continuously learn and adapt.
As a speaker, I strive to share these insights and help organisations navigate the complex AI landscape.

What are your thoughts?

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