Navigating the New Horizon: The EU AI Act for CEOs

By Mark Kelly



This detailed workshop is meticulously crafted for CEOs and business leaders, aiming to unravel the complexities of the newly implemented Artificial Intelligence Act by the European Union. This groundbreaking legislation ushers in a new era of stringent AI regulations on a global scale. By prioritising innovation alongside the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms, the act sets a new benchmark for accountability and ethical considerations for enterprises operating within or in relation to the EU.


– Gain a comprehensive understanding of the EU AI Act and its impact on businesses both in Europe and globally.
– Decode the classifications of AI applications as per the act and their associated responsibilities.
– Forge strategies for adherence, with a keen focus on high-risk AI applications and the prohibition of unacceptable practices.
– Cultivate an organisational culture rooted in ethical AI, highlighting the importance of transparency, data integrity, and building consumer trust.


1. Introduction to the EU AI Act
   – Insight into the legislation and its significance on the international stage
   – A timeline of enforcement and the consequences of non-compliance

2. Understanding AI Classifications and Unacceptable Uses
   – In-depth exploration of AI application categories: unacceptable, high-risk, limited, and minimal risk
   – Case studies illustrating prohibited uses and the criteria for exemptions

3. Compliance Strategies for High-Risk AI
   – Techniques for identifying and categorising AI applications
   – A guide to compliance: considerations for data quality, protection, and ethics

4. The Transparency Mandate
   – Understanding the act’s transparency requirements and how they coexist with the protection of trade secrets
   – Strategies for marking AI-generated content and ensuring model transparency

5. Building an Ethical AI Culture
   – Approaches for ensuring clean and unbiased data practices
   – Integrating human oversight and explainability into AI processes

6. Future-Proofing Your Business
   – Staying updated with the ever-evolving regulatory framework
   – Using ethical AI as a lever for competitive advantage

Interactive Sessions

Panel Discussions: Connect with industry leaders and legal authorities to explore the landscape of AI regulation.
Workshops: Practical sessions focused on AI application risk assessment and compliance checklist development.
Q&A Sessions: A forum for discussing specific queries and scenarios raised by participants.

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for CEOs, CTOs, and business executives across various sectors who engage with the European market.

Workshop Materials

– An extensive guide to the EU AI Act
– A comprehensive checklist for assessing AI applications and ensuring compliance
– A curated list of resources for ongoing updates on AI regulations


Attendees will conclude the workshop with a profound understanding of the EU AI Act, its implications for their business, and actionable strategies for compliance and nurturing an ethical AI framework. This proactive stance not only reduces legal exposure but also positions enterprises as credible and forward-thinking leaders in the AI domain.

About the Trainer

The workshop will be led by Mark Kelly, the founder of AI Ireland and the AI Awards, and a highly regarded author of several AI publications. In his research, he conducted interviews with Dragoș Tudorache, a pivotal figure in the AI regulatory landscape, serving as the Vice-President of the Renew Europe Group, LIBE rapporteur on the AI Act, and holding positions across several influential committees and delegations within the European Parliament.