Success Story: Mark Kelly Demystifies AI on Newstalk’s “Down to Business”

By Mark Kelly


Success Story: Mark Kelly Demystifies AI on Newstalk’s “Down to Business”

In 2023, AI has not only dominated headlines but has reshaped entire industries, with projections suggesting that Generative AI could grow into a £1.3 trillion market by 2032. Amidst this revolutionary surge, many business leaders still find themselves at a crossroads, struggling to understand and integrate AI into their operations. This confusion, echoed by 60 to 70 percent of executives, highlights the need for clear and insightful discourse on the subject.

Enter Mark Kelly, founder of AI Ireland and acclaimed author of ‘AI Unleashed: Navigating the AI Revolution as a Business Executive.’ Mark recently appeared on Newstalk’s renowned “Down to Business” show, hosted by Bobby Kerr, where he provided clarity and actionable advice on embracing AI within business strategies.

Bringing Clarity to Complexity
During the show, Mark adeptly broke down complex AI concepts into understandable segments, illuminating the practical impacts and opportunities of AI for today’s businesses. His expertise not only shed light on the transformative power of AI but also reassured and equipped business leaders with the knowledge to navigate this new era.

A Platform for Thought Leadership
Mark’s appearance on “Down to Business” is not just a testament to his deep understanding of AI but also underscores his ability to engage and educate through mass media. His approachable explanations and forward-thinking insights resonate deeply with executives and entrepreneurs alike, making him a sought-after speaker for business shows and corporate events.

Why Invite Mark Kelly to Your Show?
Expert Insight: With years of experience in AI and its business applications, Mark provides valuable perspectives that can help demystify AI for your audience.
Engaging Speaker: Mark’s ability to articulate complex topics in relatable terms makes him an ideal guest for any discussion on technology and innovation.
Influence and Reach: As a leading voice in AI, Mark’s participation can significantly boost your show’s credibility and attract a wider audience interested in technology and business.

A Call to Action
For media outlets, podcast hosts, and event organisers looking to shed light on AI and its impact on various sectors, Mark Kelly is the ideal speaker. His recent appearance on “Down to Business” is a prime example of how he can transform uncertainty into understanding and apprehension into action.

To feature Mark Kelly on your show or event and help your audience navigate the AI revolution, reach out through his contact page or directly via LinkedIn.

Engage with a Leader in AI
Don’t miss the opportunity to bring expert insights into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. Invite Mark Kelly to speak and watch your audience grow, as they gain valuable insights to leverage AI in their own business ventures.