Use Case: Mark Kelly AI at Furthr Founders @ GEC Event

By Mark Kelly

Futhr Founders A

Use Case: Mark Kelly AI at Furthr Founders @ GEC Event**

Event: Furthr Founders @ GEC
Date: May 17th, 10am – 1pm
Keynote Speaker: Mark Kelly AI
Audience: 50 Founders

Mark Kelly AI: A Transformative Keynote Experience at Furthr Founders @ GEC

On May 17th, Furthr held another Furthr Founders @ GEC event, an exclusive networking event tailored for entrepreneurs and founders supported by Furthr. This event is designed to foster a strong sense of community, where founders actively engage in discussions with peers on topics relevant to their start-ups and personal journeys as entrepreneurs.

Keynote by Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly, the CCO of Alldus & AI Ireland, was the keynote speaker of the day. Known for his influential voice in artificial intelligence and captivating TEDx presentations, Mark Kelly AI delivered a compelling keynote that provided deep insights into the AI landscape and its implications for founders.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Current AI Landscape: Mark provided a comprehensive overview of the AI landscape, highlighting recent advancements, trends, and emerging technologies. This set the stage for founders to understand where AI stands today and its future trajectory.

2. Implications for Founders: He discussed what the evolving AI landscape means for founders, including the potential for innovation, new business models, and opportunities to integrate AI into existing products and services.

3. Benefits and Downsides of AI: Mark offered a balanced view of AI, exploring both its benefits and potential downsides. He emphasised the importance of ethical considerations, responsible AI use, and the need for transparent practices.

4. EU AI Act and Compliance: A significant portion of the keynote was dedicated to the impact of the EU AI Act. Mark explained the regulatory framework, its implications for AI products and services, and the importance of adherence to these regulations to avoid legal risks and build consumer trust.

Roundtable Discussions:

After the keynote, attendees participated in various roundtable discussions chaired by fellow founders, covering the following topics:

– The importance of paying customers from the start
– Integrating AI into your business model
– Sustainability assessment and importance for ESG
– International D2C scaling and the importance of digital marketing
– The impact of AI, the EU Act, and the risks for products and services
– Maximising Enterprise Ireland’s global network of supports
– The lessons learned from bootstrapping
– Advice on securing PSSF

Follow-Up Roundtable Discussion:

Topic: The Impact of the AI EU Act – Risks for Products and Services

Mark Kelly AI is thrilled to lead a table topic discussion on the impact of the AI EU Act. This interactive session will delve deeper into the regulatory risks associated with AI products and services, providing attendees with practical insights on compliance and best practices.

Feedback and Attendee Engagement:

The keynote was well-received, with attendees expressing a keen interest in the practical applications of AI within their startups. Many founders are in the pre-seed funding stage, seeking guidance on integrating AI while navigating regulatory landscapes.

Additional Support for Founders:

– Pre-Seed Start Fund: Many attendees will be seeking funding opportunities. A link to Enterprise Ireland’s Pre-Seed Start Fund was provided for further exploration.
– Roundtable Topics: Attendees suggested various topics for future discussions, including social media promotion, sourcing tech talent, go-to-market strategies, and funding options.

Audience Profile:

– Stages of Startups: MVP, Seeking Investment, Idea & Concept, Market Ready
– Top Sectors: SaaS, Tech, Education, Fintech, Food & Drink
– Founder Types: 20 Solo Founders, 35 Multiple Founders
– Revenue Generating: 31 Yes, 24 No
– Common Challenges: Highlighted through RSVP feedback

Praise from Furthr

“Mark Kelly delivered a keynote and roundtable discussion at a work event in May 2024. He was excellent, engaging and really interesting to listen to.
Prior to the event Mark took great interest in understanding the audience and what outcomes we wanted to achieve. If you’re doing an event on AI make sure you have Mark involved.”

Laura Ahern Programme & Events at Furthr


Mark Kelly AI’s keynote at the Furthr Founders @ GEC event was a significant success, providing valuable insights and practical guidance to a diverse group of founders. His expertise in AI and understanding of regulatory frameworks like the EU AI Act equipped attendees with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of AI innovation and compliance.

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